6/6/20231 min read

Fulfilling Gamer Expectations

With the constant emergence of new and trending online and mobile games, it’s easy to lose players to competitors. Providing players with the help they need and listening to their feedback keeps them engaged and inspires loyalty around the gaming experience. There are 5 things that define a great gaming experience.

1. Gamers expect 100% up time

According to a research report on the State of Online Gaming 2020, players spend an average of six hours and 20 minutes each week playing games. Most of them even have a time period in their day allotted to playing their games, and being unable to access a game can make them lose interest in it.

Nielsen Games Video Game Tracking (VGT) recently found that the number of gamers who claim that they spend more time playing video games due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased. The most notable increases were in the U.S. (46%), France (41%), the U.K. (28%) and Germany (23%). Game developers have to ensure that their games are up and running at all times to avoid losing their player base.